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Farms-Prides Emergency Response Fund


The Growing Season is Underway:
Donate Today!

The Beverly Farms Charity Garden returns in 2022! You can help get the growing season underway by donating today.

(Be sure to indicate the donation is for "Beverly Farms Garden" in PayPal.)

Since 2016, John Fallon has been growing vegetables on a traffic island in Beverly Farms and donating them — together with vegetables from his own garden — to local food pantries, homeless shelters, and other organizations that serve low-income families.

Learn more about the effort at the Boston Globe.

Running a business is hard work.  The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is making it even harder for our local businesses to survive.



The Farms-Prides Emergency Response Fund (FPERF) is a new Ad Hoc Committee facilitated by Hastings House to provide immediate relief to local businesses.  Owners and operators will receive cash grants to help stay open and assist employees to meet their necessary obligations, bringing the entire community together to get through these trying times.


We are all in this together. An important thing you can do to help our neighborhood businesses survive is DONATE: 


Effective immediately, your tax-free contribution will help create grants to the local establishments that rely on you as customers.  The FPERF will be administered by the Farms-Prides Community Association, Inc. (Hastings House) in coordination with the ad hoc FPERF committee. This activity fully falls within FPCA’s charter as a corporation organized exclusively for charitable purposes. 


Let’s face it, charity begins at home, and your neighbors and friends here in the Farms-Prides Community will lose their businesses and homes without some help from all of us.  Remember, too, the generous support our business community gives to our local non-profits.


Picture Beverly Farms without its local businesses - that's not a happy vision. Donate what you can to keep our businesses open.


Contributions may be made through the PayPal link below or mail checks to:

Farms-Prides Emergency Response Fund
c/o FPCA, PO Box 5063, Beverly MA 01915


Let’s show the community we care about everyone. Open your heart to The Farms-Prides Emergency Response Fund (FPERF). Continue to patronize any of our local businesses that are able to remain open as much and as often as your family is able.


Thank you! If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to email


Ad Hoc Committee members:  Joe Alsop, Sam Cabot, Anton Glovsky, Dolf Garcia, Pete Johnson, Rick Lord, Joe Manzi, Marybeth McBride, Marshall Sterman, Steve Swartz, and Ben Williams.

 The Farms-Prides Community Association, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization TIN: 04-6052046.

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