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About The FPCA & Hastings House

The Farms-Prides Community Association (FPCA) owns the property located at 14 Oak Street in Beverly Farms, known as the Hastings House. This is the site for many family and community activities.

The Hasting House contains several meeting rooms, a library, full kitchen, and gymnasium. It’s truly a magnificent facility!


Highlights of the annual Hastings House activities held:

  • The 4th of July Fundraising Auction

  • The 4th of July Dance

  • The Annual Pancake Breakfast

  • The Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration

  • The Cornhole Tournament 

  • The Halloween Bash


The Hastings House hosts many of the meetings of organizations in the community:

  • The Girl Scouts and Brownies

  • West Beach Corporation

  • 4th of July Committee 

  • American Legion 

  • basketball leagues

  • street hockey games

  • Karate lessons 


The facility is also available to be rented for private parties.


The FPCA has a full Board of Directors and is always happy to welcome volunteer helpers for any community event!



2024 Farms-Prides Community Association (Hastings House) Officers

Christy King, President

Kevin Smith, Interim Vice President

Pete Johnson, Treasurer

Rick Lord, Corresponding Secretary

Bob Jones, Recording Secretary



Stephen Brickles

Jerome Kyllingstad

Joe Manzi

Joanne Miller

David O'Brien

Would you like to help with events or other activities? Please reach out anytime 

The Mission of the FPCA
To enhance the quality of life for community members of all ages. Through the Hastings House, the FPCA provides a safe, inclusive, sustainable venue for cultural, educational, recreational, and celebratory activities.

Business Sponsors

The FPCA board and members gratefully thank our neighborhood businesses for their membership and care. Each year neighborhood businesses provide support for ongoing repairs and event needs. For as little as $125 each year, your business can become a highly appreciated member of our vibrant community. Join us!

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